I'm sensitive about football, that's my sh#@t.


Fill in your own football biography

Club Football

Favorite football club? AC Milan

Support any other clubs? Yes | No

If yes, which? Paris Saint-Germain, Everton FC, Atlético de Madrid

Own their jersey? Yes | No

Favorite Player(s) from your club? El Shaarawy, Saponara, De Jong

Player(s) you wished to play at your club? Luca Antonini

Football club you don’t like? Juventus FC

Favorite player(s) from other clubs? Distin, Mavuba, Oviedo, Tiago, Kakà

Player(s) you don’t like? Chiellini

Favorite League? Serie A

International Football

Favorite national team? France

Favorite player(s) from NT? Lloris

Own their jersey? Yes | No

Seen your NT win the World Cup? Yes | No


Ever seen your favorite player playing live? Yes | No

Ever met a football player? Yes | No

Do you go to matches of your favorite club? Very seldom

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I really have to pee but what if they score

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Made in Brazil, by Eduardo Recife

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Anonymous sent: barca or real madrid?

tough choice, both team have amazing players, but if I had to choose one it will be barça because I support Atlético de Madrid so I can’t tell you Real! You can’t dislike the way they play, it’s fluid, coherent, like they are performing magic trick!

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